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More than a century, the whole world Queen Princess, Louis Vuitton Handbags high officials and noble lords, billionaire, film stars, supermodels, bags are proud to have Louis Weeden. This year, coincides with the 150 anniversary of the birth of the brand, the Champs Elysees in Paris store, exhibited in Providence bags more than 3000 samples and its founder Louis Weeden photos, make people understand that the entrepreneurial process from small to big boss carpenter.

Little carpenter, walking to the Paris into the world

Louis Weeden was born in February 12, 1821 in the Jura mountain Franche - hole Tai Cun, father is near forest loggers. Because of the poor, when he was a child he used the cup to even a small silver spoon without. Parents have no money to buy toys for him, a plane and chisel, accompanied by his childhood, he grew up on the carpentry is interested in. At the age of 14 he went alone to Paris, because no money to take the coach, he had to walk. From his home about 400 km to Paris, he walked for several days, the storm had just find a place to lie down, hungry to the inn kitchen or the stable to find something to eat. He was fond dream is to make money to live a good life, so again painstakingly again tired also is not afraid of.

Later he went to Paris, have a lot of trouble, finally found a job in a famous woodworking handicraft workshop. Work is a beech and poplar trees produce Sheng milk used casks. It was the period of the Second Reich, a grand party swept the whole of Paris, provincial nobility often like a flock of ducks, many rich lady buy this wooden skirts and petticoats. In the invention of the steam engine, the French built railways, also opened across the Atlantic route, transportation revolution drives the development of tourism, people need to find a convenient tool for carrying clothes -- Louis Vuitton Outlet emerge as the times require travel bags.

Wife dowry helped him run factory

In 1854, Louis Weeden in Paris ozni El founded the first bags own production workshop. Because of the lack of start-up capital, his wife took out a dowry and past savings. Louis is very clever, talented, creative spirit. He invented a handle flat box, replace the previous heavy and wooden box, the materials used are still beech, poplar, leather, metal jewelry, belt buckle and the lock etc.. The box surface using grey and beige cloth pasting wear.

His this kind of box is not only strong and durable, easy to carry and travel time, beautiful appearance, elegant colors coordination, so quickly open the market, and queen Ou Renni of her, she vowed only from Providence where custom-made jewelry box. Since Louis Weeden samples known. The king of Egypt ordered save like fruit wicker box, in order to travel on the Nile and Suez canal with. Tsar Nicola II of Russia, India and many maharajah, Spanish king Alphand VII, to Louis Videnyri order. At that time, the world famous actor and singer is his loyal customers. Louis Weeden's fame grew, he not only expanded at the Athenee El workshops, and opened a store in the Sikelibo street.

In 1875, general Savelyn Deblaza's visit to Congo, he personally went to the Athenee El workshops, ordered a large number of zinc and copper box to Louis, this box can not only strong, dust and moisture resistant, and open is a bed, for soldiers with rest in a remote desert area. In order to make the production out of the box really meets the requirements, Louis also specially to visit Africa a.

The master

Louis's son George was born in 1857, the Louis Vuitton Handbags Outlet child received systematic education, mind than his father, flexible, innovative and creative spirit is stronger. In 1881, the people of tunnel excavation in the Manche underneath, and the British Association of promising, Louis then said to his son: "good good study English, we strive to be the first in the UK to the landing of the enterprise." In 1885, Louis Weeden's first store opened in london. Louis worked hard all his life, died in 1892, his son took over the baton, really create a high-end bags empire.

At the end of the nineteenth Century to the early twentieth Century, George will be opened in New York branch, the Hollywood and the American Society of view Louis Wyden bags for the treasures. Many of the big stars also devoted to Paris to buy bags. Bags for various purposes have also come out. In 1901 Steamer Bag was specifically designed for the weekend, Neo is specially designed to hold 4 bottles of champagne and production, there are special Sheng top hat, a specifically designed to put the camera, etc.. For example, a to do desk box, there are a number of small drawers stationery and documents, after opening can also support the activity board, civil servants in the journey of office with very convenient. Minimum bags are renowned for their volume Louis Weeden can be installed most famous living activities. For example, a not too big travel box can hold 5 suit and waistcoat, 1 windbreaker, 18 shirts, 4 pairs of shoes, 1 hats, 1 walking stick and umbrella. It also won the durable. It is said that, there is a ferry sank near Colombo in Sri Lanka, later in the salvage ship wreckage was found intact, a box, people see it pattern to know that the Louis Weeden product.

As Louis Weeden bags of selling, many fakes also flooded the market. Although Louis Weeden was a lawsuit, but did not stop the flood of counterfeit goods. George had an idea, the new sail decided to invent a can not be imitated by others